In this Crown Heights brownstone, spaces are defined by built-in graphic millwork compositions and vivid three-dimensional color treatments and punctuated by skylights, fireplaces and bold lighting choices, many sourced from Innermost Lighting, a company known for unique contemporary fixtures.

Ikea boxes with custom painted doors and walnut cabinetry comprise the kitchen and bar and line the walls of the den. The windowed back wall of the den overlooks a lush garden and is lit overhead by a large skylight.

The stairwell was widened to allow light from the large sculptural skylight to filter down to the dining room. A sky-blue wall-ceiling treatment provides a backdrop for the dining table and conceals the powder room.

Upstairs, a gray-blue painted surround creates an outsized headboard in the master bedroom, which looks out onto a planted roof deck. The L-shaped blue and walnut bookshelf and desk frames a view to the street.